Mike Mace profile

2012 January
Racer Profile 


Rider’s Name:Michael Mace

Birth Place: Gainesville, FL


  1. Where do you live: Ocala, Florida

What is your favorite band: I don’t really care about music right now.

How old were you for your first race: 7 years old at the 12-minutes of Santos

What is your favorite place to ride or race: Nayl’s Trail at the 49th Street Trailhead (part of the Santos Trail System) is my favorite place to ride on a regular basis; Tsali trails is my favorite place to race.

What is your favorite pre race meal: I like to eat raspberries or strawberries

What bike do you race: Trek 6700

What kind of pedals do you use: Crank Brothers Egg Beaters

What was your best race, and where:  Ducktown, TN—I won my first Junior 11-14 race there. The race I think I rode the best in was the last race at Amelia Earhart Park, where I came in fourth.

What class do you race in:  Juniors 11-14

If you could meet anyone, who would it be:  Lance Armstrong

If you could have any bike, what would it be:  Any carbon 26er that’s red and white

What is your favorite component brand: SRAM or Shimano

What cyclist do you look up to the most: I actually have 2: Ryan Woodall and my dad, Steve Mace

Do you ride or race on the road: Yes, both. I came in 2nd overall in the Ocala Stage Race in September and placed 2nd or 3rd in each of the three events.

What shop do you ride for, and do you have any other sponsors: I don’t ride for any particular shop, but I’m sponsored by FirstPlaceRacing.com