SERC series


2015 South Eastern Regional Championship series (SERC) 

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March 22st - SERC #1 - Newberry, Fl

March 29th - SERC #2 / GSC #2 - Conyers, Ga

April 11&12th - SERC #3  / ITT - "Knobscorcher" Bryson City, Nc

April 26th - SERC #4 / GSC #3 - Winder, Ga

May 24th - SERC #5 / GSC #4 - Jackson, Ga

June  14th - GSC #5 / SERC make up race - Columbus, Ga

June  28th - SERC #6 / GSC make up - Clemson, Sc

July 12th - SERC #7 / 15 pt bonus - Ft. Payne, Al

August 1st & 2nd - SERC #8 / ST / GSC #6 - Helen, Ga


  • 16th Annual South Eastern Regional Championship series
  • Classes for all ages and skill levels, no prequalifying
  • Youth Series
  • Thousands of dollars of cash and prizes awarded during the series
  • Thousands of dollars of cash awarded at the series banquet
  • Series awards banquet
  • $500 pro class guaranteed at each event
  • Flexible schedule, 7 races count towards championships, with make-up and drop races.
  • Affordable entry fees
  • Fast and accurate computer scoring
  • Challenging courses
  • Competitive racing
  • Great sponsors
  • Great people, family atmosphere
  • All add up to the biggest and best series in the South East!


  • The series will be the best of 7 races, however final race of the series can't be dropped and breaks any ties.
  • Note: wave order will be Kids 8:30am Yellow @ 9:30am and White @ 11:30am
  • 2015 SERC NOTES:

    *Sorry no refunds, the only exception is if Gone Riding is notified before the event starts that the entrant wishes to withdraw from the event.

    *Cash and credit cards accepted at onsite registration, sorry no checks.

    *See our “XC RULES” section of our website for more information on rules.

    *No earphones allowed.

    *Race director reserves the right to change class structures.

    *Pre entries must be received by Friday 10pm before each event to be eligible for discount.

    *Awards will be paid back for overall series to 3rd place in all classes (including kids) as long as the riders qualify.

    *In order to qualify for overall awards the racer must score points in at least 7 events in the series (earned bonus points count toward scored points).

    *All series awards will be handed out at the final event, no prizes will be mailed.

    *Best of 7 races count toward championship, final event can not be dropped.

    *One Georgia State Championship race will be available as a Make Up race for the SERC series (may replace a missed or low scoring SERC event), see the flier or webpage for more information.

    *Bonus round at Ft Payne, AL will pay 15 points just to enter and start the respective cross country events, these points are separate from the race score and can't be taken away due to a drop.

    *Bonus specials will be held on the Saturday before noted rounds. Points will be awarded relative to their respective classes.

    1) Individual Time Trial Saturday 4pm at (SERC #3)- one lap (5 points for 1st, 4 points for second, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for fourth down to 1 point for all finishers).

    2) Short Track Saturday 8-1-15 - Helen, GA -  One amateur start, one women’s start and one expert / pro start. 5 points for 1st, 4 points for second, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for fourth down to 1 point for all finishers, relative to each XC class.

    *Final race breaks all ties.

    *Keep issued number plate for the whole series, there is a $5 per plate replacement fee.

    *Please write your race # on your left calf using a magic marker in a vertical fashion, so the # can be seen from behind

    *THE 2015 SERC - SOUTH EASTERN REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP series is a Gone Riding, Corp. Race Production.