GSC series

2017 Georgia State Championship (GSC)

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March 11th & 12th - Georgia State Championship series #1 / ITT - Macon, Ga

April 9th - Georgia State Championship series - GSC #2 / SERC #3- Conyers, Ga

April 29th & 30th - Georgia State Championship series - GSC #3 / ITT / SERC #4 - Winder, Ga

May 21st - South Eastern Regional Championship series - SERC #5 / GSC make up - Chattanoonga, Tn

June 10th & 11th - Georgia State Championship series GSC #4 / ST - Acworth, Ga

July 8th & 9th - Georgia Championship series - GSC #5 / SERC #7 - Helen, Ga

GSC series:

  • 12th Annual Georgia State Championship series
  • Classes for all ages and skill levels, no prequalifying
  • Youth Series
  • Thousands of dollars of cash and prizes awarded during the series
  • Thousands of dollars of cash awarded at the series banquet
  • Series awards banquet
  • Flexible schedule, best of 4 races count towards championships, with make-up and drop races.
  • Final race is a non drop race.
  • Make up race is available at the Chattanooga, TN SERC race on 5-21-17.
  • Affordable entry fees
  • Fast and accurate computer scoring
  • Challenging courses
  • Competitive racing
  • Great sponsors
  • Great people, family atmosphere
  • All add up to the biggest and best series in the Georgia!


*Sorry no refunds, the only exception is if Gone Riding is notified before the event starts that the entrant wishes to withdraw from the event.

*Cash and credit cards accepted at onsite registration, sorry no checks.

*USA Cycling rules apply.

*No earphones allowed.

*Race director reserves the right to change class structures.

*Pre entries must be received by Friday 10pm before each event to be eligible for discount.

*Awards will be paid back for overall series to 3rd place in all classes (including kids) as long as the riders qualify.

*In order to qualify for overall awards the racer must score points in at least 4 events in the series (earned bonus points count toward scored points) , final event is mandatory.

*All series awards will be handed out at the final event, no prizes will be mailed.

*One SERC race will available as a Make Up race for the GSC series (may replace a missed or low scoring GSC event).

*Bonus specials will be held on the Saturday before noted rounds. Points will be awarded relative to their respective classes.

1) Individual Time Trial Saturday 3pm at (GSC #1)- one lap (5 points for 1st, 4 points for second, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for fourth down to 1 point for all finishers).

2) Short Track Saturday 5pm at (GSC #4)- One amateur start, one women’s start and one expert / pro start. 5 points for 1st, 4 points for second, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for fourth down to 1 point for all finishers, relative to each XC class.

*Final race breaks all ties.

*Keep issued number plate for the whole series, there is a $5 per plate replacement fee.

*Please write your race # on your left calf using a magic marker in a vertical fashion, so the # can be seen from behind

*THE 2017 GEORGIA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP series is a Gone Riding, Corp. Race Production.