FSC #7


 alt  Note: Yellow wave was 6 laps (lap 1&2 merged)..


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2013 Florida State Championship series #7


Round Sponsor:

Date:November 16&17th, 2013

Location: Loyce E Harpe Park- Lakeland - , FL


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*Short Track Bonus Sat at 3:00pm

* Please note there have been some changes from an earlier printed entry form....the XC-C2 & GM2 classes are now in the Yellow wave and the Junior Sport class is now in the White wave.

* Free altBob McCarty Kids riding Clinic at 1pm on Saturday.

 altwill be hosting the QUIBBLE FASTEST LAP PAYOUT for experts…$100.00 for per event for a chosen Expert Class which will announced via the TXTsignal.com system.